RADZ quartet

Dmytro Radzetskyi: Midi Radz Guitar
Serhii Radzetskyi: bass, piano, vocals
Mihailo Sarana: saxophone, flute
Rostislav Iagodka: Drums

Concert of the RADZ quartet performing music by the Radzetsky brothers in the genres: Jazz / Funk / Prog Rock. All concerts of the «Peace for Ukraine» tour are aimed at supporting the music community of Ukraine, raising funds to support Ukrainians and representing contemporary Ukrainian art in the world.

Serhii and Dmytro Radzetsky's are known as permanent experimenters, endorsers and artists of music brands, organizers of festivals and creative laboratories. Composers of the rock opera "Taras Bulba" and participants of many festivals in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Israel and the USA.

They graduated from the conservatory as classical musicians, winners of international competitions as performers and composers. The authors of unique musical instruments are 8 and 10 string Midi Radz Guitar, which they successfully use at concerts with their projects.

Musical versatility allows you to constantly change the style of music, and the number of musicians - from one to 80 performers: brothers - the founders of the country's first "Ukrainian Improvizers Orchestra". Collaborated with musicians such as "KING CRIMSON" (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Marcus Reuter), Phil Minton, Steve Hackett ("Genesis"), Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ed Mann and Danny Wally (Frank Zappa Band), Dan McCafferty "Nazareth"), Phil Manzanera ("Pink Floyd"), Ian Jump ("The Muffin Men"), John Lawton ("Uriah Heep"), Graham Bonnet ("Alkatrazz"), "Bang on a can All-Stars" .

Genre: Jazz

Country: Ukraine
Past Events
2022 (1)

2. Juni 2022