Scott Mickelson is an artist/producer from San Francisco. His debut release Flickering was on the Grammy ballot for Best Folk Album and Best Roots Music Performance. His follow up full-length A Wondrous Life received great reviews in the US and abroad which led to his first European tour in 2019. He then produced the critically acclaimed Blanket The Homeless benefit compilation which included Grammy winner Fantastic Negrito. In 2020, Mickelson released Drowning In An Inflatable Pool to rave reviews in the U.S. and Europe. The first single, “Jagged Tooth” was accompanied by the fantastic animated video. In 2022, his single/video “UNarmed American” premiered on Americana U.K. and he was invited to play three nights at The Mavericks Festival in England. The full length Known To Be Unknown (April, 2022) featured the iconic track “UNarmed American”. In November, 2022 the band released “Only Grey Matter Boiling In My Head” which included the XTC’s Colin Moulding on bass. His current single “Jump Off The Earth”, accompanied by a groundbreaking video which includes uniquely styled AI animation. Mickelson continues to perform in the UK and Europe with musicians Jon Bucket (keys), Lee Moulding (drums) and Ian Taylor (bass) all from Swindon, England.

Mickelson has appeared across the BBC, NPR Radio, Huffington Post, CBS Morning Show, No Depression, Glide Magazine, Paste Magazine, PopMatters, Alternative Press Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Mix Magazine, Heaven Magazine (NL), and more. He also gained national recognition after winning a national band search contest sponsored by MTV/7-Up with a prize of $15,000 and a song in the feature film Along The Way. He has shared the stage with artists including: Nick Lowe, Dick Dale, Dave Van Ronk, David Bromberg, Peter Case, Vandoliers, Jonathon Richmond, Steve Forbet, and countless others in his career to date.

“this music is the balance between strong, subtle, unexpected, and sophisticated.” - Paste Magazine

“blends Americana melodies with punchy post-punk swagger and a lyrical self-deprecation that channels the wit and attitude of Elvis Costello…. With hints of Bowie’s eclectic pop eccentricities…the track draws out his innate understanding of genre deconstruction and adaptation.”-Beats Per Minute (UK)

“Een van de oorspronkelijkste talenten uit de Verenigde Staten is wat mij betreft (Scott) Mickelson, die met Known To Be Unknown zijn vierde album aflevert met bezwerende rootsrock die een heel eigen invulling geeft aan het americanagenre.” - -Heaven Magazine (NL)

“The combination of the layered vocals and instrumental textures, along with a tune that feels immediately familiar, is that ‘UNarmed American’ becomes anthemic.” - Americana U.K.

“Known To Be Unknown has become an album on which Mickelson is occasionally reminiscent of Warren Zevon and Stan Ridgway, men with a critical view of American society and the ability to write songs that will stay with you forever. But it is Mickelson's strength that he dares to experiment with the achievements of his own musical past and seeks new ways to express himself.” -Lust For Life (NL)

“Substance will always win over style at Maverick and US act Scott Mickelson possesses both. He was referred to by anecdote as a cross between Michael McDermott and Billy Joel. Interesting comparison that gains traction for an artist happy to drop the first name.” -ThreeChordsAndTheTruth (UK)

“Mickelson unveils his most politically charged work to date with Drowning In An Inflatable Pool. It’s an album rooted in a collective frustration about the mismanagement of our country by this current White House administration.” - American Songwriter

“An indescribable title by a fatalistic musician from California. Passionate harmonica licks, rock riffs, and a muscular combination of guitar and organ show us a combative go-getter..” -Written In Music

“I call it anthemic when a band or chorus hits all the notes just right and the sound becomes bigger than it should be and Mickelson hits it often enough on this album to make it worthy of the highest of recommendations.” -No Depression

“With "Known to be Unknown", MICKELSON has created a startling album with which he proves that he doesn't want to conform to any cliché. His lyrics show that he is serious about developments in his home country and with his music the man proves he has a knack for catchy songs. In addition, even after listening to it several times, you can hardly draw any really accurate comparisons to other musicians, which underlines MICKELSON's originality. Surprisingly strong!


“It’s American folk-Rock with a post punk edge, rustic but scarred.” -Alternative Press Magazine

“Flickering, a buoyant composition showcasing that Mickelson offers undeniable musical charm and instrumental dexterity.” -Glide Magazine

Genre: Americana / Singer/Songwriter

Country: United States, United Kingdom
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