Nordgarden is a Norwegian artist deriving from the American old school of classic songwriting. In a style of deep roots in folk, blues, jazz, gospel and rock he seeks to write that good, melodic storytelling song, as well as performing it with burning passion and nerve following in the traditions of such as the indispensable Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young to the more recent likes of Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainwright.

«All We Need» is the new Nordgarden-album due to release on October 28th. The album was recorded in the epic Athletic Sound Studio in Halden, Norway. It was mixed and produced by Norwegian super-producer Bjarne Stensli which has worked with major artists like A-HA and Madrugada . One of the main ideas of the new album was to explore new sound scapes by building layers of synths and guitars creating a bigger sound. The work has resulted in nine songs inspired by artists such as Wilco , the Band , Coldplay and Bon Iver . Nordgarden has collaborated with Norwegian-English songwriters such as Claudia Scott, Shaun Bartlett and Egil Clausen - enabling a rich repertoire of songs spanning from beautiful ballads to driving rock songs. The single « Last Breath » was released last year and received more than 2000 airplays on major radios such as SWR 1 and NDR 2 in Germany and Virgin Radio in Italy.

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Country: Norway