„This is modern jazz, leaning toward jazz fusion, with influences from Eastern Europe and their classical traditions. Melodic and groovy and very well performed. Worth checking out!!!“
[Wulf Müller, OKeh Records]

Piotr Budniak is a drummer and composer from Poland. He has played with such great artists like Tomasz Stanko, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Peter Evans, Jeff Parker, Rob Mazurek, Troy Roberts, Mike Moreno and many others.

For the last 10 years he has been leading his own band Piotr Budniak Essential Group working on unique sound and music which can be interesting both for jazz listeners and layman but most of all focusing on the high performance and art quality. The band was chosen as one of the best Polish acoustic jazz band by the readers of Polish jazz magazine - Jazz Forum. They released 5 albums with original music and have concerts in Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and Poland, of course. The group have cooperated with such a great musicians as i.e. Peter Evans, David Doružka, Jack Kuba Seguin, Piotr Wojtasik and many more.

They pieces have often been selected as “tracks of the day” on many foreign jazz music websites (including allaboutjazz.com, and German jazz-fun.de).

Juni '24
tickets: Free Show / Collection
no entrance fee
donation recommendation: 5-10€
Genre: Jazz

Begin: 2000
Open: 1900
Genre: Jazz

Country: Poland
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