Della Lupa & Kev Minney
Della Lupa 'Effortless performers, natural and captivating' – Claire Martin, BBC. Della Lupa is a Brighton based Dark-Pop act, founded and masterminded by independent singer-songwriter Steph Brown. A unique blend of captivating Kate Bush-esque song-writing and meaningful yet sometimes dark lyrical themes, laced with an element of drama reminiscent of classical music. Kev Minney ‘An album of much beauty’ – Acoustic Magazine 'Unique and captivating' - Brighton Source From a Northampton council estate to the edge of the cosmos, Kev Minney’s musical journey has only just begun. A virtuoso acoustic guitar player, Minney uses open tunings to create a unique haunting and melodic sound. Working closely with Mercury-nominated producer Jag Jago, Kev has created an album which combines his superlative guitar playing and distinctive vocals with a modern electronic sensibility and orchestral serenity.

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