Derren Eedens (Canada)
"The audience kept their eyes on him the entire time, in awe of his banjo playing and stage presence." - I Heart Hamilton - BLOG

"Darren Eedens doused the crowd in ballads and other folkish goodies, with lightning fingers and quite a lot of stage movement for a man with such solemn lyrics at times – definitely a one-man show to catch" - THEINDIEMACHINE
"He was tearing it up with rapid strumming and mean licks, his sound was so rude, it was a breath of fresh air; He sang bluesy tunes of heartbreak, and destructiveness, all with a voice reminiscent of Kristian Matsson of Tallest Man on Earth, and a hint of Dylan."  - THE TAKE MEDIA
"With an endearingly awkward presence, and fun bluegrass folk style, the most remarkable thing was his amazing technical skill." - PANIC MANUAL CONCERT REVIEW
"When Darren Eedens sings, it’s like stumbling upon an old record at your grandparents’ house, pulling it out, wiping off the years and dropping the needle in the groove; the Harry Smith Anthology comes to mind."-POSTCITY
"Armed with his guitar and ability to tell strangely satisfying stories, Eedens will have no trouble entertaining"-London Free Press

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