Hetty Kate - Vocals
Tom Vincent - Piano
Marc Meader - Drums
Leigh Barker - Double Bass

Tom Vincent is a leading and dynamic jazz pianist who has been performing for over 20 years. His style is unique and influenced mainly by recordings from the jazz greats like Louis, Sarah Vaughn, Clifford Brown, Duke Ellington and so on. Vincent has lived and performed extensively in Europe and spent three years in New York where he was active in the jazz scene, performing and studying. His love of performing reflects the true jazz style of collaborating with other passionate aficionados. An experience with Tom and his sidemen will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and moving at least one part of your body. Tom is charismatic, spontaneous, downright cool and an absolute genius at the keys. This music is rooted in the jazz tradition and a joy to see live as Tom combines this earthy original jazz feeling with fresh invention, surprising and delighting his side men, himself and of course the audience too. His infectious style of jazz brings people together to simply have a good time over some great swingin grooves.
For this tour Tom is joined by young Australian Chanteuse Hetty Kate, who joined the jazz scene in Melbourne a short 5 years ago, and has toured in four continents and appeared on six jazz album releases in America and Australia during that time. Pure of tone, sweet sounding and dangerously infectious, Hetty is influenced by and her style is reminiscent of the jazz vocalists of the 1940's and 1950's - and oft compared to Peggy Lee, June Christy, Stacey Kent and Silje Neergard. Honing her craft on stage with some of Australia's most celebrated jazz musicians from traditional, mainstream, bebop and big bands, Hetty has graced the stage in Chile, Hong Kong, Vietnam, New York and Chicago, entrancing audiences with her graceful swinging style and honest interpretation of lyrics and melody.
Joining Hetty and Tom for their European tour are two celebrated Melbourne musicians, Leigh Barker on Double Bass and Marc Meader on Drums.
Pure of tone, sweet sounding and dangerously infectious - Hetty Kate regularly performs with some of Melbourne's finest jazz musicians and as one of this city's newest recruits to the jazz scene she's certainly making her presence felt. Audiences who have heard this leggy siren note the influences of classic Peggy Lee and Doris Day and modern day chanteuses such as Silje Neergard and Stacey Kent.
Influenced by a broad range of jazz starting with the raw swinging power of the Golden 20's and moving through to the Swinging Sixties, Hetty Kate's pure tone, natural voice and effortless vocals get right to the heart of the lyrical story, and will take you along for the ride. Originally trained in classical piano and voice, Hetty Kate has developed her craft as a singer with not only a look, but a sound and depth that simply puts her in a class of her own.

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