I-Taki Maki is an Italian Alt-Indie Duo, formed in 2012, based in Berlin since July 2015. The group consists of Go-Mimmi-Go (vocals, drums, percussions & melodica) & strAw (vocals, guitars & harmonica). Their music features a melding of alternative rock, slowcore and post-punk influences, typified by minimal arrangement and composition, warm voices, deep emotional sound. Their last fourth album, “A Place to Leave”, has been released at the beginning of January 2018. The album is made up of nine songs, all based on the concept of "place" and each one connected to the next by a "fil rouge"; all of them try to talk about the essence of human existence, the struggle for survival in a seemingly cosmopolitan and strongly competitive world where the resources are not enough, where people in need are defeated by their impotent existence in a globalized and consumerist state of madness, where thousands of people are forced to leave their home, their own families, for the most disparate and desperate motivations. Their fourth album has been augmented with a book. A narrative about migration and the need to open ourselves to the everchanging realities we face in a multicultural environments. The book was written in Italian and released in Kindle version on Amazon; English version will be available very soon. I-TM have been on tour since their 4th album, "A Place to Leave", has been released, performing in Berlin's most important genre venues (Rosi’s, Monarch, Badehaus, Dunker Club, Madame Claude, Noize Fabrik, Culture Container, Artliners, Lagari and many more in Berlin but also Leipzig, Bochum, Hamburg, Luebeck, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome).

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