Paul Sprawl

Paul Sprawl's style is his own, but if you really wanted him in a box you could call it Acoustic Blues. His voice is like the wind reaching out across the desert and his guitar is like crackling fire and riding bandits. His songs tell stories of politics, love and romance, the down trodden, and the interesting lives of those he meets all over
the world. Paul delivers artistry and impressive playing with unusual guitar techniques. He has performed a ton all over the country (37 states regularly since
2000) and is building an audience in Europe. He is a big fish that has been recognized by some and missed by others in an American Idol obsessed country.
He has a unique, creative and soulful approach to the guitar, to songwriting, and to finding an audience for his work. Who else grew a national audience by traveling around in a van going to open mics? Who else combines percussive guitar techniques with bottleneck, tapping, harmonica on a rack, and songs of the downtrodden and forgotten? Who else with a truckstop guide next to the driver's seat of his van has a college arts education and has put out six cds in seven years? Listen
for yourself. With performances in 35 states in the USA and shows in Canada and Germany, Paul Sprawl has toured six to eight months a year since 2000, and he's back at it again. Since his 1999 cd, Blue Suitcase, produced by Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell, Kelly Joe Phelps) for the German label, Intuition, he's put out five more
fulllength cds on his own label, Vagabond Music.
Paul Sprawl has developed a thing that everyone seems to agree is his own and unique. It involves poetry, storytelling, a baritone singing voice, and some unusual
guitar techniques that you've just got to check out for yourself. Catch this vagabond troubadour as he traverses the dirt roads and interstate highways near you.

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