we don’t really like the word jazz – every ten years the general opinion of it changes while everybody is painting his own picture anyway. Also we feel that music differs from marmalade – you don’t need to put a label on it. Still a lot of music that was composed around the 1960ies and was called jazz appeals to us. So does a lot of boom bap, baroque music, break beats, broken beats, rock, new music, improvisation in general and some popular music also. In order to make an attempt towards finding out in whatever sound this mixture of styles might result, we founded a band in 2011 that we rehearse with and write music for ever since. Lineup: Simon Girard (FR) – trombone Florian Möbes (CH) – guitar Fred Heisler (DE) – drums Andrey Tatarinets (RU) – double bass Sebastian von Keler (DE) – saxophone

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