Willian Fernandes was born in South of Brazil but lived six years in Rio de Janeiro. As pianist, he has a transit between art music covering Bach to Schoenberg and Brazilian popular music like choro. As composer, he has engaged on his own creative process to chamber music and piano solo showing a kind of modern music that abrades compositional techniques from the beginning of XX century and Brazilian music. In parallel, since his undergraduate, Willian develop a profile as music researcher including areas of music theory, the study of Brazilian genres/styles and cognitive psychology. Until December 2017, he lives in Dresden aiming to expand his PhD research through an Erasmus Exchanging in TU Dresden in the area of systematic musicology.The concert shows a variety of Brazilian music: since the groundbreaking piano salon in Rio de Janeiro, through reinterpreted classical performances of choro with a modern style and sometimes improvised, to own compositions. It includes pieces composed in the period of Willian’s stay in Dresden, that carry the name of Dresdner Choro. Link above. There are guests allowing other formations and moods to the concert: Paula Souza is going to sing some MPB songs; Anne Irmler will give a different color with his flute; and Guanduo is going to perform arrangements of traditional choros made to the occasion.

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