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Duffhuës is an original. Hes a true and intense performer with a unique voice. His voice is dark, raw, but also clear, and appeals to a wide audience. Its the perfect instrument to carry out the melancholy quality in his songs.
His lyrics well up from the gloomiest regions of the human soul dark, sometimes tragic, but every so often drenched in black humour. The atmosphere that he wants his songs to exhale is that of Duende, Saudade, Blues Up till now Duffhuës has released three cds. His debut album Piranesis Rome was released in 2001. Its successor Jacky the Stripper followed in 2002. In 2005 his third album Harem was released on Muze Records. In 2007 his fourth album Man on fire was released, again on Muze Record. On this album he plays with the string quartet Quinetique. He also gave live concerts with Quinetique. This project was titled Strings on fire and
performed on various festivals and venues across the Netherlands. Duffhuës
performs on an international level. He acted as support act for Calexico, Johnny
Dowd, Ani DiFranco, Timesbold, Zita Swoon, Keith Caputo, Gary Lucas, Wayne
Hussey and others. His former bands were The Gathering (cd Almost a Dance),
Blimey (live-band), Enos (cd Tremolo) and the Belgian band Chacda (live-band.) In 2005 he also released his first music theatre production titled Arcadia human beings stink, in 2006 his second Hades; beauty stinks and in 2008 his third Opium Tea.

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