Luca Marini (Mailand)drums
Noe Escola (Barcelona) sax
Santiago Botero (Bogota) Doublebass
Pär Lammers (Amsterdam/Hamburg) Piano

They knew what they were, but tried to fight against it by studying scales, listening to the old and hot kind of music and being annoyed by some wifes of famous cats. After a while they had to get back finding themselves. So they let the beauty of back then into their lives, how did they start all this? A garage, a crapy guitar and some trashy concerts in a basement of a friends place. This charm was meant to be reborn. Jazz was something for nurts with glasses who drink red wine.
In the Jordaan in Amsterdam they lived, shared almost everything, and improvised life and music.
Just start it up, play your ass of and give a heck about restrictions. People wanted them to be defined.
They would have accepted them if they had said We are the Little and we play a mix between Rock n Roll some Punk and good old Jazz. Well how cheap would that have been? All the interviews and TV shows with this band were a disaster, they only said We are The Little, we like music and we like to listen to each other and talk about dirty things when we are alone to prevent any kind of possibilities to grow up.
They toured through the whole world; playing in polish hotels in squatted punk places in front of toothless alcoholics, fancy beach-clubs and some Jazz-bars in between all that. Nobody could resist these guys. Next to their music they spread out bubbles of love and received endless djembe sessions and free beers... and in the end they just rocked in their own sweet way. Glorious times on kitchen couches, rooms without heating endless car rides, and the urgent desire to make stinky places even more stinky.
The Little has criminal potential and is trying to repress it constantly. They love noise and silence, good songs, animals and a good show.
So, they went on...
3 years after its formation, they have all ready released two cd's under their own label, and Giant under "type G records" and performed all over Holland, Germany, Poland and Spain.
They have gained great acceptance from the critics and their music has been broadcasted in several jazz and rock radio shows in Colombia, the U.S., Germany, and Spain.

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