Blues Ambient Jam Rock
Say the name a few times and remember this rock trio, cause when they get started on stage, jaws begin to drop and they artfully win you over with their hard grooving super-energetic show.


New York City has given birth to outstanding and creative individuals in the music industry. The Jean Marx Express is just that, Outstanding Gifted and creatively musical. Coming together in 2010 after taking a short hiatus from other projects, The Jean Marx Express or JME as some will name for short, needed to play together like a baby needs its mother.
As proven with their previous band RED LOTUS, Guitarist/Lead Vocal - Jean Marx Santel, Bassist - Aalics Bronson, and Drummer - Mark have fully taken influences of Rock and Soul to Funk and Punk creating a melding mix of Musical Art, and have filtered them all through their own unique perspectives. The resulting musical brew is a true feast for the senses, blending bold Zepplin-inspred strident guitar power, lyrical and emotive vocals, and cutting-edge southern funk mayhem into a swirling cauldron of bubbling rock reactants. This is music that stands head and shoulders above today's field of cookie-cutter rock practitioners.

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