Fredrik Nordström - saxofon
Johan Käck - trummor
Alex Simm - gitarr
Joakim Simonsson - piano
Palle Sollinger - bass

The members of The Country have been a part of a wide array of musical collaborations, both before and after the band was formed in 2008. Not extending the list to far, the members as worked with known Swedish jazz artists such as Bobo Stenson and Palle Danielsson as well as Swedish pop artists Adam Tensta and Björn Yttling. Music ranging from 90’ grunge to the contemporary jazz of today makes up for the bands influences.

Each one the members contribute with songs and strong musical opinions and by doing that the bands sound is collectively created. The aspiration to create music without compromise is always there along with the desire to explore new ways to express music. Along the way something emerges that contains five strong voices but never loses track of how the band sounds as a hole.




The Country – Black/Blue Hearts


„Not seamlessly but definitely interactive, everything that you hear is convincing and I get a feeling that there is a plan behind all of this„

- Västerbottenkuriren


“Going forward Sometimes you hear pop almost rock in the music, at another point contemplative genre free music. But it is Jazz that dictates the conditions „

- Folkbladet



“Nothing wrong in leaning on Nirvana and Miles Davis, not when you get the music signed by The Country„

- Dalademokraten


“Sympathetic and appealing - and worth listening to many times„

- DIG jazz


“Sometimes they play sideways, sometimes straight ahead. It's something you would hear in a movie and then go and think about afterwards. Tonight it rains from the starlit sky.„

- Smålandsposten


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