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Emma Russack is an Australian singer and songwriter who grew up in Narooma, New South Wales, where she graduated from high school in 2005.[1] She currently lives in Melbourne.[2]

In 2004, when she was 16, she won the contest "Fresh Air" of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for young talents with her song Used to this.[3] By 2008 she was already known in YouTube, where she had posted eight covers,[4] as well as two songs of her own, playing the guitar.[5] For some time (2007 [6] and 2008[7]) she took on the artistic name Lola Flash, while being the singer of a band of the same name. The group members were Jake Phillips (bass), Alec Marshall (guitar), Paul Mc Lean (drums) and Kate Delahunty (violin).[8] The single Psycho, published in 2009, is from that period.[9] She spent a year travelling around in South America.[2] In 2010 the EP Peasants was published, and in 2012 her first album, Sounds of our city, including ten songs, was published.[9] Articles about her have appeared in the German and Australian editions of Rolling Stone and in the Australian magazine Frankie.[10]

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