Oakland born, DeJuana Rochon Logwood (MZ DEE) has lived all over the East Bay, from the hills of Berkeley to her favorite home, a houseboat floating upon the Oakland/Alameda Riviera.

From this early beginning, Mz Dee developed a burning desire to pursue her art, and the passion to share her music. Over the past 15 years that Mz. Dee has been blessed with the opportunity to sing with some of the best musicians anywhere, performing in many of the great venues both here in the bay area and internationally.

Mz Dee shows both her performing on the new  CD, “Letters From The Bootland„, performed and written  with MAURIZIO PUGNO, one of the best italian musician today. This is a journey through the worlds of Blues, Funk, R’n’B and Soul  from  pen of the renowned Etta James, Billy Preston, Al Kooper and Bobby Bland to originals from Maurizio Pugno and Mz Dee.

Over the years, Mz. Dee has played with many great musicians but above all others, Mz. Dee puts her mother, Rochon Hemmans, noted as one of the Bay Area's top  church organists and arrangers, as  her first influence and greatest inspiration in the music world.  

Mz. Dee remembers sitting on her lap while she directed and sang with the church choir, laughing as she recall: "She also threw a pretty good hymn book at us from the throne of the organ pit if we acted up in church.."

This European tour will show Mz Dee together with some Italians' finest Italian blues musicians today: MAURIZIO PUGNO, ALBERTO MARSICO and GIO ROSSI.

Maurizio Pugno is an elegant player who knows in detail several musical styles. His attempt is to make music that is genuine and melodic, and that doesn't forget the roots of Black Music.

He is known as a perfect accompanist for vocalists. He has accompanied and recorded with some of the best blues singers that have toured Europe, such notables as Sugar Ray Norcia, Mark Dufresne, Tad Robinson, Lynwood Slim, Kellie Rucker, Mark Hummel, Dave Specter and many others.

Gio Rossi (on drums) and Alberto Marsico (on organ) are two of the best musicians all around the world. They played with many great musicians such as Joey de Francesco, Larry Taylor, Alex Schultz, Brian Templeton, Jesse Davis, Jimmy Whiterspoon, Finis Tasby, Sugar Blue, Jimmy Cobb, Bobby Durham, Kenny Burrell, Fabrizio Bosso etc.  They traveled all around the world partecipating in many of the most important festivals and recording several CDs (Maurizio Pugno's albums included).

With their CDs and with their performances the band has established a well-deserved reputation for getting toes tapping, and dance floors bouncing throughout the world, accumulating also numerous awards and critical praise.

Mz Dee and Maurizio Pugno Organ Trio are touring with the NEW project/CD: “Letters From The Bootland„!!!

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