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Beat Beat Beat, Ladies and Gents!

Suddenly there was this indistinct notion that all important melodies have nearly been used up.

Calls grew louder predicting the last curtain to fall for rock’n’roll.

Suddenly there was a feeling that pop music is too focused on being reinvented instead of getting back to its magical basics.

We believed that nothing already seen could ever blow our minds again.

And then suddenly this new band turns round the corner showing us how it’s done. Rubbing our noses or rather ears in this big fallacy.

The Mergers! The definite 60’s beat sensation with their fabulous debut album Monkey See, Monkey Do!’. Listening for seconds will make you see that there is no need having anything but two guitars, a bass, a drum kit and a proper haircut to drink tea with the Olympian Gods.

“Beat with a capital B„

This 4-piece band - Jerry Coma being the charismatic frontman - combines elaborate songwriting and harmonies with the energy of a deafening jumbo jet.

With the equipment and the looks of the early 60’s they are brewing a highly authentic sound set on fire by its straight realization.

The Mergers perform their cleverly arranged and simply incredible songs with a frenzied power that will knock your socks off.


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