Good For You, the 7th release from Austin TX based, singer/songwriter, Americana Music Award Nominee Tom Gillam is a return to form of sorts.

Recorded at a small lake-house in remote Northeast Maryland, with a small cache of musical friends and a minimal amount of overdubs, Good For You exudes the joy and merriment experienced by all during the recording as well as focusing on the deeper lyrical subject matter of some of the tracks.

After releasing the more roots-inspired acoustic driven Rustic Beauty in 2011 Gillam has returned to a more “electric„ version of Americana/Roots Rock with Good For You a stunning collection of tunes that runs the gamut of what Gillam has come to call his “sound„ over the last 12 years and six releases.

A full offering of stinging electric slide guitar, a warm whiskey tenor rasp, coupled with a knack for writing a catchy melody, along with the occasional aching acoustic ballad, Gillam has finally encompassed all he is in this amazing 12 song set.

Highlights include the rollicking rolling opener Right Here, Right Now which moves seamlessly into the ’70s rock inspired Goodbye Goodtime. Along side the poignant A Train The Rain & Other Things, to the achingly beautiful Last Night on Earth and the title track. Gillam even delves into some “swamp rock„ on the slide driven, “chest pounding„ “Put Me In The Ground„ & “Something’s Not Right„ with the help of his Austin neighbor Lincoln Durham on harp.

Good For You is available now on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and on
 Great Tone Records, Austin, TX 


 Born in Southern NJ, Deptford to be exact, just across the bridge from Philadelphia, Tom Gillam spent his early years experimenting with a variety of musical muses and bands. In 1997 he released his first solo effort "First of Alla collection of roots based "country rock"  songs inspired  in part by his teenage love of the Southern California sound" of the early 70's. First of all although a mere glimpse into the music that would soon come to be Tom Gillam's "stock in trade", was a minor hit regionally in the NJ/PA/NY area.

 After a bit of touring and critical acclaim he then released his 2nd CD and 1st national release "Dallasthat quickly entered him into the "Americana" brand of music spotlight.

His third release "Shake My Handbrought rave reviews tons of radio airplay, a place in the top 5 of the Americana Radio Chart and a nod from the Americana Music Association's awards for "best emerging artist" in 2004.

More touring, this time not only nation wide but landing an opening slot on the European tour of friend Joseph Parsons whom Gillam would later collaborate in US Rails.
Gillam would parlay this oppourtunity into a record deal with Blue Rose Records of Germany and through his consistant touring, quite a large solo following as well.
Gillam's popularity in Europe is undeniable he tours as often as he can, sometimes twice a year, focusing mainly in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

After the release of 2006's Never Look Backfeeling a growing kinship with the wonderful people and musician's of Texas, Tom and his wife Caroline relocated to sunny,"gawd awful hot in the summer" Austin TX where they now reside

Tom has released 8 LP's in all : First of All (1997) , Dallas (2001)Shake My Hand (2004), Never Look Back (2006), Play Loud Dig Deep Live (2008), Had Enough? (2009), Rustic Beauty (2010),Good For You (2012-13Better Than The Rest (European compilation of first 3 releases)

His music has been called "Bombastic" "Heartfelt" and " Slide Guitar driven" or as Grant Alden writing for" No Depression magazine" so aptly put "“The edgier side of Americana coupled with a healthy dose of 70’s guitar rock„ . Gillam himself says "it's just what I do, I make no apologies"  He tours regularly throughout the greater TX area, nationwide and in Europe yearly with Tom Gillam's Kosmic Messengers and also records and tours as part of the Singer/Songwriter collective known as US Rails.

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