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What makes a good band great, what makes them stand out above all the rest, is their commitment to an infallible ideal, the one thing that they strive to do to change people through their music, giving them a deeper experience. For Coyote Union, that ideal is connection.  Connection to their fans, to their music and to each other. Coyote Union hopes to inspire, uplift and encourage their listener to overcome the “hard stuff in life„ by providing musical therapy and songs that move people by sharing their own life experience, hardship and emotion.  People say they might be a little too nice, but they don’t care, they just want to reach as many people as they can with heartfelt words, and a positive spirit.


The band was born when founding members Mark Bertel (Percussion), Chris Royer (Guitar), and Jacob Lane (Guitar) discovered Jordan Finley (Bass, Vocals) at the Baxter County Fair in Mountain Home, AR.  After many long nights of jamming to the sound of yipping coyotes under the Ozark night sky, the four quickly became very close friends and a well oiled machine and thus spawned the name, “Coyote Union.„  Later the band found Wes Dorethy (Vocals, Violin, Mandolin, and Piano) to round out their signature prodigious “Folk n’ Roll„ sound. After playing with Wes and being spoiled by the smile jerking sound and style of the way he played the four knew they had found the last piece of the puzzle and it was pure magic. Eventually Royer and Lane left the band and they were replaced by Geoffrey Watts (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals and Keys).


In the early days, the band would practice in a secluded barn, deep in the Arkansas wilderness. The band continued to grow and with two EP’s under their belt as well as many live performances, the group moved their home stomping ground from the barn to a local abandoned bowling alley once called, “River Lake Lanes.„ With a little bit of elbow grease and know how they fixed it up and built a stage on the very lanes that had the vintage building running in its hay day. 


Coyote Union’s sound is the culmination of their influences and experiences, drawing from the down home roots and punk-rock sensibility and need to create deep connections. Their style is a melting pot of rock, punk, blues, folk, Americana and a touch of classical and grunge, but no matter what the style, they always play from the heart. Rather than writing hits, Coyote Union’s aim is to reach people that need to hear their songs for inspiration, and to help them through the down times, writing about love, anger, passion, conquering, accomplishment, triumph, sadness and sorrow.  Both their dynamic music and deeply moving lyrics take listeners on an emotional roller coaster and pull on the heart strings. For example, the song “Bones„ tells a tale of  heartbreak. Bertel elaborates saying, “ When you love someone you really feel it in your bones, in the deepest part of your body. You feel  it more intensely than any other feeling, but eventually resolves in moving on and overcoming the strife.„  Another song, “Teardrop River,„ is an coming of age story of empowerment. “It's easy to lay down, take the easy way and live a mediocre life without fulfillment. It's the people that take the hard way that we like, that go above the norm and do the unexpected.„ Bertels explains. Coyote Union hopes to reach as many people as they possibly can leaving a deep legacy behind. Not for the fame or the money, but for the interaction with the people.  

Coyote Union has graced stages across the country and at festivals including Wakarusa and Harvest Festival AR, and are embarking on an 12-date tour of Europe including Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria in the Fall of 2014. Their first full-length self-titled album is due out in late 2014.

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