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Carly Bryant is a British roots singer songwriter pianist and guitarist whose music teeters in the peripheral vision of commercial types and smacks in the hearts of the gig-going music loving masses.
Carly learnt the guitar solo to Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight’ when she was ten. Soon after, she wrote her first song Dear Sir John: Can Dreamers Dream in Heaven’, a letter to John Lennon. She grew up writing and learning songs, including a lot of seventies rock and (bizarrely), a lot of piano songs of the comic genius Victoria Wood. 

Carly’s songs encompass notes of rock, French jazz, Chopin-esque piano, tangy blues and Tarantino surf-noir, but amidst this lies a distinct vocal that flickers between a sensual intimacy and a deep Tom Waits-like growl. "On top of her technical ability as a musician and vocalist, Carly Bryant has that extra special something I've always equated with magic." Taxi (The world's leading A&R company)
The last 12 months have seen Carly open for Ani Difranco, be placed on ITunes Essentials’ albums, and tour Europe and Brazil. August 2012 saw the release of Carly Bryant’s fourth studio album, which stylistically draws influence from somewhere between Paul McCartney and Tori Amos.

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