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Avenue - the French-Polish jazz band. The group is made up of four very talented musicians:
Katia Priwieziencew (vocals), Damian Pietrasik (piano), Amadeusz Krebs (percussion) and
Kacper Zasada (bass). The band’s unique music sang in French is reminiscent of the “old
Paris„ style. Avenue’s exceptional appeal is to a broad group of people who love refined high
quality music with an authentic retro style.
The important step in Avenue’s career was The International French Song Festival in June 
2014 in Cracow - they won the Grand Prix prize. In autumn 2014 they started to work on their
album “En L’Air„. The band was becoming more and more creatively united while working
on the album. Damian and Katia composed music which was completed during music
rehearsals with Amadeusz and Kacper. Katia is writer of lyrics. She often creates abstract
histories giving listeners freedom of interpretation.

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