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Guanduo is made up of the musicians Juliano Camara and Eduardo Pinheiro, two guitarists, composers, and friends since the most tender of ages. Eduardo has a bachelors in guitar from UFMG and Juliano from UNIRIO. Although having graduated as interpreters, the interest for composition was always shared by the duo. The year of 2015 dates the birth of their first album entitled “Inventos„. Having a passion for popular Brazilian culture and for its diverse manifestations, the duo searches in the popular raw material the essence of their compositions. 

Em 2015, Guanduo was one of the winners of the XV Prêmio BDMG Instrumental, one of the principal competitions of instrumental music that happens in Brazil and in the same competition they were nominated for the prize “Melhor Arranjador„ (Best Arranger). In the same year, the young musicians were finalists in the Violão Sem Fronteiras competition, promoted by the Assad brothers, and in the 1º Circuito de Música Acústica de Minas Gerais. In 2016, they were the winners of the MIMO Instrumental prize and more recently the 7th edition of the FAM (Festival da Alta Mogiana) competition in the “Composição Instrumental„ (Instrumental Composition) category. The duo has already performed in some of Brazil’s most important stages and festivals such as the Instrumental SESC Brasil (São Paulo), MIMO Festival (Casa de Ópera de Ouro Preto), Savassi Festival (BH), Fundação de Educação Artística (Belo Horizonte), Projeto Violadas (João Pessoa), Casa do Choro (Rio de Janeiro), Museu de Artes e Ofícios (BH), SESI Centro Cultural Yves Alves (Tiradentes), Concertos da AV-Rio no CCJF (RJ) e Auditório Onofre Lopes (Natal).

Guanduo challenges the obstacles by multiplying its sonorous sources: the vibrating and sounding of multiple strings as if played by one person, following the example of great orchestras and ensembles. Guanduo is, we know, a duo that is not easy to find. The union of two friends, in continuous and long-lasting character.„  (Ian Guest 06/14/2015) 

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