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Tamara Lukasheva was born in Odessa, Ukraine in a famiy of Musicians, so from the very young age she was surronded with the sounds of music. At the age 15 the professional vocal life for Tamara begins. She was invited to the unique big band of a south Ukraine as a soloist, sang with such outstanding jazz musicians of Ukraine as U.Kuznecov, N.Lebedeva, A.Fantaev. Had a duo with Roksana Smirnova. In September 2010 she moved to Germany to study at the High School of Music and Dance in Cologne. One month after arriving she founded a quartet that is now one of the most important projects in her career. In 2011 Tamara won Voicingers 2011, an international Jazz Vocal Competition in Poland. In 2012 she took the 1st prise by the 6th International Jazz Vocal Competition in Finsterwalder (Germany) From 2012-2013 she became a regular member in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Germany (Bujazzo).A nd in 2016 her Big Band Arrangement took the first price at Bujazzo Composition Competition. Spring 2013 – Tour in Central America with “Matthias Schriefl Trio” 2013/14 – Cooperation with WDR Big Band (Global Dance Culture Project ), MAO ( Modern Art Orhcestra, Hungary), UdK Big Band, Berlin. 2014 – Tamara Lukasheva Quartett is the winner of “Young German Jazz Prize Osnabrück’’ ( Junger Deutscher Jazz Preis 2014) 2015 – Tamara Lukasheva Quartett took the 2nd price at “Keep an Eye Jazz Awards Amsterdam”. 2016 – 1st Place at Composition and Arrangement Competition for Bujazzo Big Band. 2017 – “Tamara Lukasheva Quartett” the winner of “New German Jazz Prize Mannheim 2017” (Neuer Deutscher Jazz Preis Mannheim 2017) and also Tamara receives a Solo Prize.

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