“…more playfull and less controlled than any of her previous ensembles, reveling in the hopscotch jousts and tonal contrasts between alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard and Geoffroy De Masure on tenor and bass trombones. The spongy fills from drummer Roland S
Front-lined by two amazing horn players German alto saxophonist Silke Eberhard (rising star, Downbeat 2015 & 2017) and French trombonist Geoffroy De Masure (professor at The Jazz Institute of Berlin), and completed with Ms. Iversen on bass and long-time colleague from New York City German drummer Roland Schneider on drums; Ternion Quartet is fresh, energetic and fun. Compositionally the music is based on a linear and horizontal concept, enabling the individual instruments' melodies to conduct the harmonic map, and the compositions give ample room for the virtuosic improvisors to express their creative personality.

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