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Son of Dave isn't you're average blues musician. He's an international maverick Bluesman playing the long game by his own rules. This one-man harmonica & beat-box genius beats his own path, gathering a huge international army of devoted fans from all walks of life. Always in the best local live music clubs, sometimes on the working man's blues circuit, once in a while at a private party for the stars, you can't pin it down. Some say it's primal, some say Avant Guard. Is it modern? The whole damned family is there anyway, and grandma's getting loaded. Besides the outstanding live show and recordings, he's known for his columns in music magazines (a book was made of them), his provocative banter with an audience, and 45rpm radio show on Soho Radio, London. His albums are treasures, and his songs have been used as soundtrack to Breaking Bad, a Robin Williams film, radio drams and even Saturday morning kids programs. Son of Dave is half a century old now, and started out in the blues + biker bars of Canadian mid-western city Winnipeg. Resembling an arctic Chicago and infamous for its artists such as film director Guy Madden and Neil Young, Winnipeg was also home to Grammy nominated Crash Test Dummies, in which Son of Dave was a member in his twenties. But returning to his original roots in original good time blues music, S.o.D has since released eight albums of his own, and performed approximately 1300 concerts on five continents. It takes some kind of genius with just harmonica, beatbox, percussion and a loop-station to get on Later With Jools Holland (U.K.) and Taratata (France) as well as being invited to support artists as diverse as Iggy and The Stooges, Grace Jones, Heavy Trash, UB40, Supergrass and the Yardbirds. In the UK where Son of Dave has based himself for 20 years, he’s toured seven albums, playing the biggest festivals, a hundred cities and towns, and carved himself into the London subculture. He’s toured Europe, parts of Africa, Australia, and even in Lebanon. He’s been to Cuba, Japan, Russia…wherever they ask him to come. It’s a good honest living and he shows no signs of slowing down. His current album, entitled Music For Cop Shows, sees son of Dave return to his classic sound on some songs, as well as a steady theme of instrumental melody he imagines as theme songs from 1970's TV shows. Really, it's another work of fiction told by infectious harmonica and his own language of rhythm & blues songwriting. With a resumé as long as your arm and a briefcase full of naughty old gags, he'll be touring the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA as his usual one-man-band self. He's a long distance Bluesman, not a quick burner. He'll still be going strong through his next fifty years no doubt.

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