“ I have come to expect nothing but excellence from the two of them, and once again
they did not let me — or the audience — down.” – Artists in the Spotlight (DK)
In 2016 Klippel released her debut EP “Lift Your Lion”, which lead to a Danish Music Award as ‘Songwriter of the Year’. In 2018 the full-length album “River of Silver” came out, impressing critics in Denmark and abroad. Now she’s working on her new EP ’Slow Coming Alive’, that will be released at the end of summer 2020. The Finnish songwriter Mirja Klippel’s music is minimalistic and poetic, evoking a muted and intimate space. Musical pictures of rugged landscapes, snow, ice and dried up lakes set the stage for soft and insistent tales and sharp observations that hit you with equal strength and fragility. Klippels lyrics are a string of intense feelings, exploding when her voice meets Alex Jønsson’s falsetto and electric guitar. Together the duo creates a crackling musical universe that is in constant movement. The duo has in recent years toured extensively, having performed in everything from living rooms in Poland to art galleries in Russia and wooden churches in Finland, as well as established festivals in e.g. Germany and Greenland. The release of the next EP ‘Slow Coming Alive’ in late summer 2020 will be followed by a long tour that will bring the duo to Germany, Denmark, Poland, Finland and Russia.

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