Foyl Aka

Mysterious dreams, special characters, fascinating places – there is no end for profound resources to inspire a remarkable and unique band name.
Well, in this uplifting case two best friends were eating some terrible burgers in a low-key, ghosted fast food restaurant at 2 AM and found a phone application by accident which generates invented band names.„Foyl aka” popped up, and bam, the baby was born.
"Neo soul meets jazz"
The songs of FOYL AKA are written by hungarian vocalist Maja Mágedli and estonian piano player Mathei Florea, the band furthermore consists Arno Grussendorf (Germany) on guitar, Max Hughes (US/Germany) on electric bass and Amund Kleppan (Norway) on drums.
The musicians of this international quintet all met each other at the renowned Jazz Institute Berlin and they have quickly discovered how smooth, natural and thrilling it feels to create a soft, but grooving sound together. These compositions are influenced by mostly neo soul in a jazz context: though the group does not intend to limit its genres and is excited to build an own little world without musical boundaries.