Go on a journey back in time with the Perky Pollyvocs. It´s a three piece group presenting black rhythm & blues as well as white hillbilly and western swing music of the early 30s to the mid 50s, always making a bit of their own thing out of it - they call it "polyvocal swing". They feature names like The Ink Spots, Hank Penny, The Robins, Louis Armstrong, The Cats And The Fiddle, Chuck Miller and many more with songs about coffee & cake, sweets, smoking & spitting, cats, chicks, heaven & hell, egyptian dames and... love (as usual). Singing in harmony makes it a very special experience no matter if it's a trip into gospel or swingy stuff. And always keep an eye on the band as they goof around on stage like silly kids.

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September '21
Begin: 2000
Open: 1900
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