Fans of Refused, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Elliott and Burning Airlines may not know the name Scott Ritcher, but all those artists and dozens more have recorded versions of his songs.

Since his days with the group Metroschifter in the late 1990s, Ritcher’s songwriting has evolved from overdriven math-rock and emotional explosions to satisfyingly bare-bones melodies and country-tinged reflections. Yet his sound and approach have remained recognizable throughout that evolution.

Now Scott Ritcher is center stage, combining acoustics and electronics in a new solo performance that’s on the road in 2023.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and now based in Stockholm, Ritcher blends the traditional sounds of his birthplace with the dark minimalism of his adopted home.

A new single, “How We Got This Way”, arrives in January.

Aside from music, Ritcher has produced more than 100 episodes of a short-form podcast called “Here’s the Tower” and he is a co-founder of the Kentucky whiskey brand Bedtime Bourbon.

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